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- Update Log 0.6.4 -

Major Update

Revamped In App Purchase Store

Users can see what features are purchased or unlocked and the remaining time of a day pass will be displayed. The store will automatically filter the purchased items and place them to the bottom of the list.

New Feature

Deep Strike & Flanking Line

In 0.6.4, we are adding an annotation feature that can instantly display where 6' and 9' from the table edge is.


Objective markers now can be re-scanned after long-pressing on them.

New Discount Bundle

- Complete Collection (40k) Bundle

- Advanced 40k Bundle

For users who have already got Advanced yet, you now can get all features and future updates that supports the 40k game system with Complete Collection (40k) Bundle. For users who haven't got Advanced yet, you can get Advanced feature with collection above by getting Advanced 40k Bundle. Both of them come with a heavily discounted price. For detail, we have prepared a list of features and bundles.

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